Writing 101: Day Three (One-word Inspiration)

I chose the word HOME.

Home is where my mom is

That is my current mantra.

My life is a very convoluted amalgamation of cultures.

it is terrifying at times because really I do not know where I belong.

I cannot fit in, denotatively and connotatively ( as I am a humongous woman).

Let me start with my parents:

My father is Swiss, my mother is a Filipina.

I was born in Libya because that is where they got married.

I was shuffled back and forth from Germany and other places then

as my father was an engineer and we as a family had to follow him.

Finally, they decided I had to go to school somewhere more permanent.

My mother and I rooted ourselves in the Philippines where I stood out

like an orange growing from a banana tree.

I am well-versed in the Filipino language though, as it is my primary language.

I have difficulties in communicating in English as I tend to stutter in enunciating

and getting all the words out of my mind.  So I prefer written “English”.

My mom had to work abroad as well to support me through college.

I now work in Saudi Arabia and go for vacations to the UK since my mother

is now based there and I do not have a permanent base.

That is why I am lost, I do not know where  belong.

There are blanks in my life, not necessarily memories but it just

feels like chunks of me are not where they are supposed to be.

I am pouring it all out here in my blog to provide an avenue for

self-observation and preservation.

This blog would be my virtual home.

One thought on “Writing 101: Day Three (One-word Inspiration)

  1. Oh this Robot here is a little lost too. I to find a bit of home in my blog. The 101 assignments are very interesting.. almost therapeutic in a way.

    Wishing you a wonderful day. Big hug and much love from Holland!


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