Writing 101: Day Four – A Story in a Single Image

This was taken at the park behind the Cirencester Cathedral.

My mom woke me up every single day to walk in the park

for some exercise which I absolutely detested.

It was fun and all but usually the grass was damp and since

I was just vacationing, my shoes suffered as they were

ill-suited to walking and the dampness of the fields.

But I love walking around the park,

taking photos, walking near the stream(?) wee river(?)

as the animals – mostly fowls of all species, would walk

up to you and expect food to be handed over.

Its like robbery by cuteness.

Food in exchange for a pose.

I like the place as is it not as urbanized as London,

which I find to be too fast-paced, congested

and expensive for me.

Hell the whole of U.K. is expensive but that is what you

get for being in a first world country.

But just look at it, the mere existence of this park is worth it.

A few moments of tranquility with nature and the elements

and you are at peace.

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