Ate like a pig for 2 days running now.

Pizza has sustained me.

I am stressed out at work.

My stress here in one year is comparable to the 5 years I have spent in my previous work.

This place is just ridiculous.

Every day I wish I was elsewhere.

I get anxious everytime I step inside my workplace.

It is suffocating.


Blogging 101: Day Eleven – Make a Prompt Personal

Ode to a Playground

Did not really have a favorite playground

nor play place nor playmates.

I preferred to play alone as I had no siblings.

I was used to keeping to myself.

Nor did I have any imaginary friends.

My favorite toy was probably Lego.

Anything that can be built with instructions,

yes, written instructions.

Actually I loved reading the instructions more than the toy itself.

So probably what I really loved was reading.

My mom gave me those condensed Ladybird books

which I really really loved even though they where tattered

and dusty.

Thank god for imagination, without it, no child can ever survive growing up.

Writing 101: Day 10 – Update your readers over a cup of coffee

I am not a coffee person,

though I do admit that the smell of coffee

perks me up quickly in the morning.

Something in its aroma that is so irresistible,

so inviting…

Its taste is something else;

just like a swift slap in the face.

Bitter and rough.

A concoction so raw that only sugar

and milk can nullify its pungent taste.

I am a cocoa drinker at times

Tea? Seldom, but it is fast becoming a habit.

Writing 101: Day Four – A Story in a Single Image

This was taken at the park behind the Cirencester Cathedral.

My mom woke me up every single day to walk in the park

for some exercise which I absolutely detested.

It was fun and all but usually the grass was damp and since

I was just vacationing, my shoes suffered as they were

ill-suited to walking and the dampness of the fields.

But I love walking around the park,

taking photos, walking near the stream(?) wee river(?)

as the animals – mostly fowls of all species, would walk

up to you and expect food to be handed over.

Its like robbery by cuteness.

Food in exchange for a pose.

I like the place as is it not as urbanized as London,

which I find to be too fast-paced, congested

and expensive for me.

Hell the whole of U.K. is expensive but that is what you

get for being in a first world country.

But just look at it, the mere existence of this park is worth it.

A few moments of tranquility with nature and the elements

and you are at peace.